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Take me to the mountains

Take me to the mountains

Night departs, dawn breaks.
I wake up to the chorus of chirping of birds
a crowing rooster joins in.

My room is dark, first rays yet to seep in.
I think of the possibilities immense…
Roads to travel,
secrets to unravel.

A yawn finds its way to me
I shrug it off
Today I feel the wind in my sails
My back at right-angles to the bed
feet dangling off the bed, I think…
Roads to travel,
secrets to unravel.

I take a deep breath
stretch my hands and back
pull over my jumper
slip out the photo of Everest
I kept beneath my pillow last night
Today, I feel infinite.
Roads to travel,
secrets to unravel.

I feel sweat on my temples
but it’s not hot
In serpentine movement, it travels
A prophecy perhaps?
Maybe. I wonder.
Lost in thought I close my eyes.
It’s here in front of me.
One more step & that’ll be it.
A curmudgeon, my aunt hears me speak passing-by.
Roads to travel,
secrets to unr…

Eyes closed, astonished
I look around for an avalanche.
A thud again. My reverie shatters.
“Not every day!”, she bellows &
walks away following her paunch.
The sermon embraces me again.
Roads to travel,
secrets to unravel.

I teleport back to that point,
with eyes open this time.
I contemplate.
Past was good, future could be.
No, it won’t be.
Mind proposes, but heart disposes.
I clench my fist.
I reach for the ground beneath my feet.
I feel infinite, again.

I summon energy,
command my legs to take a step.
If I can take one,
I’ll take more, I know.
Again, with a greater resolve
I command.
My body lurches forward,
my foot a foot away from where
it should’ve landed.
Not this again” I find hovering in my mind.

I sink back in the bed
wondering will I ever get to walk
in that world…
wondering when will the mountains call my name…

I think about the impressions these shackles
leave behind
not on my leg but on my heart.

I think about that hour,
that promise &
the feel invisible shackles bound my heart tighter.
And slowly, the sermon dies.

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