And words are all I have.

Love birds of old had rekindled recently and things had been moving smoothly ever since.
Mobile-phone was his constant companion as well as her’s. Tirelessly exchanging messages – immersed in their own world, they lived last few days on the zenith of their happiness.

Sun-scorched with its full brightness over the cloudless sky, just 10 minutes shy off the noon mark.
Not a speck of dust was mobile, all asleep in a deep slumber.
Nature stood stoic in a hibernation mode.
But not time.

Time with its unmatched doggedness moved voraciously one moment at a time.
Just then his mobile phone chirped.

That afternoon on the way back to his house followed only by his shadow, he received her message. What used to be the harbinger of jubilant moments brought together the news which was feared the most.

From learning Newton’s Laws together, come Monday, they’ll find themselves in different time-zones.

If those whom we begin to love could know us as we were before meeting them.. They could perceive what they have made of us.

Roses would die and gifts never pleased her much. Nevertheless, he wanted to gift her something, something that would stand the test of time.

Once ignorant about the existence of poetry, her love taught him to weave magic in words.

What better, he thought, would it then be to pen few words about her, a poem perhaps.

He started with writing her name at the top.

He raced to her house some time later and gave her an envelope with a letter in it. They conversed in their usual jolly way until a voice called her back inside and they hugged each other goodbye.

Flying high at 30,000 feet she opened that letter as it was promised.
And a tear rolled down her cheek…

A poem entangled in my chest,
lines fastened on my lips,
words like butterflies won’t sit on my paper.
I sit for so long with your name
on this blank paper.
Your name just your name exists,
could there be a better poem?

Time. Time Flies. He mused. Hoping his love and his words will hold him close to her heart.

~ Quote by Albert Camus and poem by Gulzar

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